Bardia Saeedi  is the lead artist for this project.  Bardia has been working on interactive art installations as a communication tool in social, environmental, and political settings since 2011. His recent work includes  “I Have A Home Here,” an interactive art bus with a mission of raising awareness about homelessness. In 2017, he exhibited “A Migration Tale” at a one-day event at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum, in Washington DC. The installation was later exhibited at Burning Man 2017’s  Artery/Everywhere gallery.

Doug Taphouse is fabrication co-lead and project manager for this project.  Doug went to Burning Man for the first time in 2009. The next year, he received honorarium for his first large-scale art project,  Polygonia, which was placed around the base of the Man. He spent the entire summer of 2011 in Reno and BRC helping with the Temple of Transition (stained glass and general construction). He designed and built the Pyramid of Possibilities in 2014. He has helped out with many other regional and BM art projects, and with Figment DC. 

Bill Pugh is the electronics and software lead on the project.  Bill is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, where he is currently working to create a maker community where students can be involved in, inspired in, and take leadership positions in student led group projects at the intersection of tech, making and art. He has done software and electronics work on four previous Burning Man art projects (DC Core, Pyramid of Possibilities, Giant Pachinko and Cuberosity).

Mowgli (Aaron Parness): is in charge of the sheep adoption agency, overseeing the public participation in creating different voices, characters, and look and feel for each sheep.  He has an extensive background in producing art on playa. In recent years, he has been involved in the following Burning Man projects:  2013 — DC CORE “Pyramid Scheme” logistical lead (fabrication & burn-team member); 2014 — Souk Innkeeper project lead; 2015 — Carney Corral project lead & midway logistical manager (coordinating artists & on-playa logistics); 2016 — Incendio e Illuminato (Project lead creative designer) — a large-scale interactive fire garden placed at Burning Man and regional burns.

Marty: is the LNT lead on this project.  Additionally, he acts as battery/electronics advisor. He has previously helped as logistics lead for Incendio e Illuminato and studies batteries and electronics. As part of the Incendio e Illuminato art collective, Marty assisted with design, construction, transportation, setup, and LNT at 2016 Burning Man and at regional burns.

Rachael:  The cute lady in the picture with her bangs cut who oversees the sheep to make sure they are not too naughty.  Rachael is also in charge of our fundraising.

Rose Arntsen is the Shepherd’s Shepherd for iSheep and is in charge of recruiting and training all our volunteers. This is her first time being involved in bringing an art piece to Black Rock City, but our li’l’ bo peep has lots of experience herding cats, err, people.
There are over 20 volunteers who have worked in various capacities to make iSheep happen.  Fej, Phil, Danny, Jill, Carrie, Jason, Jen, Erika, Liana, Reverend Dave, Lynnette, Lizzy, Matthew, Gabe, Joel, Kaytee BearBear, Ursula and more.