A total of 13 life-size sheep roam within a sixty-five-(65)-foot-diameter fenced area. Each sheep is four feet long, two-and-a-half feet wide, and four feet high (4’x2’6’’x4’).

They are mounted on heavy-duty wheels and can be rolled around and pushed around with people riding on them—they carry up to about 400 pounds. They’re like bumper cars, except sheep.

This is primarily a night installation; each sheep holds 850 programmable LED lights. The sheep rest a few hours a day as their batteries are recharged.

The sheep bodies are made of a plywood frame covered by insulation foam to which the LED lights are affixed, then covered with several layers of bubble wrap and a final layer of fluffy fur.

The result are softly glowing, wooly-looking creatures, but ones with bodies hard enough to stand up to harsh wear and tear.